Financial Education

An education without financial education is an opportunity missed to change lives, communities and society.

The Benefit

Courses and resources to meet many wellbeing needs.

Our company supports regional and remote communities. There is a desperate need for financial learning in these areas, and these offerings give us an opportunity to support local families, charities and schools.

I manage client relationships for a mid-size accountancy practice. We serve the needs for several hundred families and businesses. Providing them with financial education content is gift we can provide with little effort and maintenenance. Thank you to TWA!

Love the flexibility


These courses can be used in many ways in our charity work. One-on-one with client families or individuals within the family, and we can also invite a group together to go through the work. It's superb that all the hard work has been done!

Multiple learning areas in school


What a blessing! So many new resources, kid friendly, with video inclusions. Wow. There is not much out there anymore, and lot of existing financial life skill resources are quite stale. This is new, dynamic and useful across lots of curricular and extra-curricula programs. Can't wait to use.

Financial services


We have been talking about providing financial education for our clients for years. It is always in the too hard basket just because we don't have the time. This resource has taken the time excuse away. We will run some of these courses ourselves with our clients, but we will also sponsor some of these courses for our clients. Thanks TWA.

Parent voice


It is so hard to get kids 'invested' in this learning. These courses and resources are mostly bite-size, which is a plus. They include video segments which is also a plus. While my kids don't welcome my participation, they get it anyway. I sit through a course topic with them every now and then. 20-30 minutes very well spent!

Home schooled


All the hard work done. All the resources ready. Relates to the curriculum. Thanks so much.

A Financial Future Should Not Be Left To Chance!

If we are not preparing our youth for their financial future we are not giving them the education they will need for the future!


Talk to us about individualised courses for your company, organisation, association or enterprise.

  • Courses developed with your look and feel

    We can re-brand our courses quickly and easily. Use them with your client base.

  • Just for your clients

    We provide specific access to your courses, helping you to enrich client relationships and goodwill. These courses are hidden from general view.

  • New courses, with you, for you!

    Your are probably time poor but ideas rich. We can co-develop courses with and for you, to help you serve your clients.

Financial Wellbeing

Financial literacy, financial life skills, financial numeracy, financial resilience, financial mindset, financial safety, financial security, financial attitudes, financial habits, financial mentors, financial networks, ... Who is helping our youth with their financial education?

Our clients

Who will find our resources useful?

  • Regional resource companies sponsoring their support of charities and families.

  • Youth-oriented non-profits: Let us help you serve the wellbeing needs of your clients. All the dimensions of health are influenced by financial decisions.

  • Teachers of business and entrepreneurship: No business person or entrepreneur can exist without financial management skills. Our courses and resources can help.

  • Career, wellbeing and pastoral care educators.

  • Youth workers: Suport the youth in your care with ready-made financial life skill courses.

  • Financial planners and accountants: Support your clients with teenage children and grandchildren. Provide access to our courses. Talk to us about tailored solutions.

  • Small banks: Talk to us about tailored solutions for your youth client base. Be different in your market place.

  • Financial service associations: We can help you bring extra value to your membership proposition.

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Thank You


  • Why are your courses offline at the moment?

    It is never a good time to pause access to our courses. We apologise for this inconvenience. To keep up with the changing financial learning landscape we must constantly refresh, ensuring our content is reliable, purposeful and engaging. We are working quickly and will be back soon. Thank you for your patience.

  • What are the different types of courses?

    Our courses are designed for adult facilitators to support the financial learning of youth. Our courses vary in content aligned to the various parts of an adults future life, including life skills, wellbeing, jobs and careers, investment, entrepreneurship, etc.

  • What is a facilitated course?

    This type of course is constructed on the premise that there is a facilitator at the front of a room, guiding one or more students through the topics of the course, using a data projector or smart board. It is the facilitator who will login to access the course.

  • Who is a facilitator?

    In most cases a facilitator will be a teacher or teacher assistant in a school situation. But a facilitator could also be a boarding school supervisor, a parent who wants to supervise aspects of their child's financial education, a home-schooling parent, a youth worker aligned to a government department or non-profit organisation, a financial service professional supporting clients with teenage children, a student union representative, a union delegate helping young apprentices, a tutor, a university student support worker, and so on.

  • Is there flexibility within the course for facilitators?

    Some courses have multiple topics and lessons. Facilitators may choose to do all or just one of the topics. They also have the choice of doing all, some or none of the activities within each course topic. We aim to give the facilitator as much choice as possible.

  • What information is collected?

    We collect a username and email address for the purpose of maintaining a record of courses being undertaken. Any payment information relates to that of a client manager, parent or caregiver over the age of 18.

  • What are the privacy provisions?

    It is important to note, that there is NO student information collected. It is a facilitator's username and email address that is collected as part of the subscription process. This is necessary to maintain vigilance over security, as well as support for the facilitator.

  • Is there any advertising within the online courses?

    We do not advertise or promote any entity within any course? We do however, where necessary, point facilitators to various external websites and links if there is a purpose of educational learning. We do want students to be critically aware of the 'real-world', and this does require looking at 'real-world' enterprises, media etc. Facilitators make their own choices as to which external sites they may visit. Any sponsors or partners are acknowledged outside the course content.

  • Who are your partners?

    Our partners are listed on a company website.