Our business

Helping youth to become financially capable.

The Wealth Academy was established to support youth financial life skills education. We are an education company focusing on the development and provision of youth-oriented financial life skill resources, which better prepare youth for life after school, university or vocational education.

Our resources

Youth-oriented, real-life

Our resources support parents who wish to actively guide the financial learning of their children. We also support schools, universities and vocational education providers to support the financial education of their students. More recently, we offer resource-oriented companies opportunities to support families and organisations in regional and remote communities, as well as the financial service and accounting industry to guide the financial education of the children of clients. Our resources include online courses, e-zines, activity books and tailored programs for clients.

Our approach

Aspirational, research-based and collective action

The Wealth Academy presents an aspirational, growth mindset approach to the benefits of financial life skills education. We do not present a counseling, deficit model. We believe all youth deserve a financial life skills education regardless of socio-economic background, subject choices at school and career path choices post school. TWA implements a collective impact strategy i.e. many organisations and groups working together (collectively) for a common cause. Our strategy, methodology and resource development is based on academic, evidence-based research.

Our partners

Partners are essential to our collective impact approach

The collective knowledge, expertise and skills of others can help us to provide an even better service delivery to our clients. We have partnered with a range of organisations and associations including the Australian Boarding Schools’ Association, the Australian Secondary Principals’ Association, the Australian Shareholders’ Association, the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance, the Financial Services Institute of Australasia, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, the Financial Planning Association of Australia, Australian Council of State School Organisations and Home Educators Australia.

Our history

Education is the focus

The Wealth Academy was founded by a teacher who has expertise in curriculum and financial learning. We provide educational resources and services to help others improve the financial capability and wellbeing of their youth ecosystems. Our only interest is education!
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