Teenfinca® ezine

Teenage financial capability

Teenfinca® is an acronym for Teenage Financial Capability. Teenfinca is the name of The Wealth Academy's teen / youth oriented financial education magazine. Every article and all imagery strives to encourage young people to learn about financial concepts and knowledge, and develop skills. Articles are short and sharp. Many articles are written by experts; members of our many partners who have supported the cause of improving youth financial learning. In nearly 10 years, we have developed over 20 ezines, containing well over 200 youth-oriented articles. Many of these articles have now been included in our online courses and content.

10 years of youth-focussed financial learning

Every article in every ezine is oriented toward helping youth to understand the behaviours, attitudes, knowledge and skills they will need to make sense of their future financial world.

We can also tailor this e-zine for your business, organisation or association, helping you to support the financial education of the youth of your clients or members.

Teenfinca® Entrepreneur

Youth entrepreneurship

The Teenfinca® Entrepreneur e-zine is a short snapshot of entrepreneurial ideas, stories and considerations. Its intent is to foster informed entrepreneurial conversations among young people, with an orientation toward the need for financial knowledge and skills if success is to be achieved. The short articles are designed for a quick read with enough information to generate a discussion at home, in school or at university, in a youth group or similar setting.

4 years of helping entrepreneurial youth in their learning


Visual, stimulus reminders

With each ezine and course we also provide eposters that you may use at home, in your business, organisation or association. We can also individualise eposters to align with your organisation's branding.

Topic courses

Each course has a specific orientation or context

Here is a sample of our generic courses that we are currently re-imagining and re-developing. Within these courses, parents, teachers, youth workers, advisers and other facilitators can lead teens through carefully selected content with accompanying resources and activities. Facilitators do not need to be an expert. They just need to keep the conversation going. Facilitator notes are provided with each course. Each course has multiple lessons. Facilitators have complete flexibility to choose those lesson topics and the activities within one or multiple courses that best fit their learner/s.

Demographic courses

Content tailored for a specific age group

We have chosen ten topics for this course. It is always debatable what goes into any course selection. We have made this selection based the topics in the age group courses below and above this one. We believe our suite or courses give you multiple options for meeting the needs of the teenagers and young adults you are supporting. As a facilitator you have the option of dipping in and out of this course as well as other age-level courses to develop and deliver your own specific program. ...

Bundled courses

Multiple courses bundled together

Bundled courses may be aimed at certain age groups or financial learning themes. They give greater value and greater choice for facilitators.
Education Pack 1

18+ Courses


These courses are available for 18+ learners. They may self enrol and participate in courses without the guidance and supervision of a responsible facilitator, although this is still encouraged.

Parent courses

Helping parents guide the financial education of their children

Most parents never received a financial education themselves. They have had to try and work out the financial world by themselves. These courses give parents some background research, as well as ideas, opinions and considerations for supporting their children's financial learning.

Accountants, Bankers and Planners

Tailored courses for financial services

Many in the financial service providers are looking for value-added services that maintain, build and attract client relationships. TWA can support those providers by developing courses and programs that can be accessed online, with indivisualised branding, video and course content.

Hidden courses

Hidden courses for special clients

If your organisation needs specific, individualised courses for your staff or clients, then we can develop that course and make available only to you.
Hidden course

Support for Facilitators

Everything you need to guide learners

TWA provides notes and supplementary resources that guide facilitators through the implementation of each lesson topic within and across courses. You are not alone. We make it easy.

Government departments

Improving government educational support for consumers

  • We will work with you to develop specific content aligned to your departments areas of focus e.g. fair trading, gambling responsibility.

  • We are proven providers of high quality content for government departments and agencies. Lead personnel have 30+ years experience in developing curriculum resources over a wide range of topics, including financial education.

Financial Wellbeing

All financial decisions impact our wellbeing. Our wellbeing impacts financial decisions.

  • Health, stress and anxiety

    Each dimension of health is influenced by our capability to make informed decisions. We can assist the health industry to support the financial wellbeing of their clients.

  • Shopping

    Whether it be grocery shopping, online shopping or finding the best price, shopping is the heart and soul of financial decision-making. We can assist large retailers to make financial learning part of their value proposition.

  • Financial services

    Every financial service provider should demonstrate an ethical responsibility to support the financial learning of their clients, including the children of their clients. TWA can help them to provide this service in a responsible and safe manner.


The need for youth fnancial education is more important now, than it has ever been. Who will join us in making a difference?

The Wealth Academy has and will continue to:

provide presentations
provide training
initiate and partner in research
work with partners
contribute articles for our supporters and partners

A Decade of Partners

Collectively collaborating to improve youth financial capability.


Want to Know More

Financial silence and invisibility does not help our youth. Contact us to see if and how we can help you to support the youth in your care.