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  • Why are the courses unavailable at the moment?

    It is never convenient to pause access to our content and courses. However, to keep our products current, relevant and engaging we must always review and refresh our content. This review will not take too long, so we hope to be back soon. You can still sign up or email us, so that we have your contact details. We will then contact you when we are back online. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  • What are the different types of courses?

    There are two broad types of courses - facilitated and self-education.

  • What is a facilitated course?

    A facilitated course has been developed to help those who have a passion, interest or responsibility to support the wellbeing of teenagers. This type of course is constructed on the premise that there is a facilitator at the front of a room, guiding one or more students through the topics of the course, using a data projector or smart board. It is the facilitator who will login to access the course.

  • Who could be a facilitator?

    In most cases a facilitator will be a teacher or teacher assistant in a school situation. But a facilitator could also be a boarding school supervisor, a parent who wants to supervise aspects of their child's financial education, a home-schooling parent, a youth worker aligned to a government department or non-profit organisation, a financial service professional supporting clients with teenage children, a student union representative, a union delegate helping young apprentices, a tutor, a university student support worker, and so on.

  • What are the courses in the parent's category?

    These courses are designed to give parents new ideas and perspectives in guiding the financial education of their children.

  • Do you receive a certificate if you complete a course?

    We will provide a participation certificate for courses that you have enroled in, when a fee has been paid. In the school category, certificates are not given, as we give teachers full choice on what activities within the course students do. As we cannot guarantee students do any or all of the activities, we are unable to give a certificate. We have encouraged teachers to generate their own certificates.

  • Do all courses have the answers to questions within the course?

    Generally, no. Many courses do include comments provided by the course developer which offer possible answers or ideas for consideration. Courses in the school, boarding or organisational setting, will often be led by a facilitator. The questions and activities are there to generate discussion and debate. There is not normally a right or wrong answer. Where students, self-educate via the course, they are encouraged to use the questions and activities as exercises in self reflection and thoughtful consideration. They are encouraged to record answers in a notebook or directory and discuss with peers, parents or mentors at other times, to deepen their learning.

  • Are the courses always available?

    Some online courses will be available every day of the year. Others will only be available for short periods of time.

  • Can we have private courses for our organisation?

    Yes, we can set up private courses that only your employees, members or students can access. Contact for us for more details.