Course curriculum

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    • 1.1 Challenge 1: Video Vignettes

    • 1.2 Boarder-Community Survey

    • 1.3 Online Search

    • 1.4 In the Media

    • 1.5 Poster Competition

    • 1.6 Charity Fundraiser

    • 1.7 Humour and Money

    • 1.8 Sport, Gambling, Money

    • 1.9 Board Games

    • 1.10 Comics and Financial Messages

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    • 2.1 Build youth financial capability

    • 3.2 Before you go, help us to improve


Our commitment. Our duty of care.

ABSA is committed to helping boarders prepare for the real world and providing a financial education is part of our duty of care! These courses help boarders prepare for life after school. I encourage all boarding houses to offer this service. (Richard Stokes, CEO ABSA)
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Easy to Use!

Little by little

Sara (Staff)

Love the way this course can be implemented incrementally, little by little. Too often we try to make things too complex and grand. Small steps here can lead to bigger things later.



Once a month is a good way to introduce this to our boarders. I also like giving responsibility to some of our senior boarders. We're in!



I like the idea of my child receiving regular exposure to financial life skills. Some of the ideas in this course seem very casual and relaxed, yet there can still be learning. Like it.

Building capability


The approach here builds both the capability of our boarder leaders but also the financial capability of all kids involved. Double the benefit.

Pricing options

This course is a free inclusion when purchasing the bundled course - Bundle: Boarder Financial Capability and Wellbeing

Tom Dunsmore

General Manager (ABSA)

Our duty of care for the 21,000 boarders in our schools includes a focus on financial life skills education. It is essential that we help boarding houses to develop the financial capability of boarders.


  • Can parents use this course with their kids?

    Of course. Parents may need to use it differently, more as an awareness raising piece. The advantage is that it gives a parent an excuse to have a financial conversation with their teenager.

  • Is this course bundled with others?

    Yes. We provide a bundle just for boarding settings, but also bundles that are general in nature. It is cheaper and better all round value to choose this course in a bundle. This is because you have even greater flexibility in designing your own program or choosing topics that meet your needs at any specific time.

  • My staff are not comfortable facilitating these types of courses. What is the solution?

    We have designed these courses, so any responsible adult can facilitate. As our courses are not based on mathematical calculations, but rather discussion and conversation. We can also provide online training which is worthwhile if you take a long-term view.

  • Is this course for boarders to do themselves?

    No. This course is designed for a facilitator to guide discussion and activities with a group of boarders. We believe this is the best way to 'educate' teenagers.

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