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    • 1.1 Living Within Your Means

    • 1.2 Learning Financial Life Skills From Sport

    • 1.3 Don't Call it a Club!

    • 1.4 Protected From the Real World

    • 1.5 I Crashed

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    • 2.1 High School Reflections

    • 2.2 Boarding Parents Say What!

    • 2.3 ABSA Snapshots

    • 2.4 Your Views

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    • 3.1 Build your financial capability

    • 3.2 Before you go, help us to improve


Our commitment. Our duty of care.

ABSA is committed to helping boarders prepare for the real world and providing a financial education is part of our duty of care! These courses help boarders prepare for life after school. I encourage all boarding houses to offer this service. (Richard Stokes, CEO ABSA)
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Easy to Use!

360 Degrees


Love the fact that this course gives boarders perspectives from fellow boarders, ex-boarders, parents and ABSA. It is a 360 degree view. This course explains the 'why' of financial education. Our boarders need to know the 'why'.



Taking the annual option gives me an opportunity to link this with different groups of boarders at different times during the year. I don't have to rush.



I love this, because parents will love it. Their voice needs to be heard by boarders. Parents see the importance so it gives us leverage to introduce it into our program.

Easy Easy Easy


Appreciate the fact that there are facilitator tips for me to use. I don't have to use them, but they are good to refer to. I love that it is all laid out for me to implement. Easy, easy, easy!

Pricing options

Different prices for different time period access.

Extra Value

Bonus options giving greater value

  • Bundle

    Access this course in the bundled courses for boarders. Better value for boarding staff and parents of boarders.

  • Boarder Family Stories

    We want to build boarding-specific resources that resonate with families. If your boarding families have stories to share, we would love to see them and perhaps integrate them into our future resources. Helping us, allows us to help the wide variety of families that access boarding schools around Australia.

  • 15 Minute Check-In

    If you are a boarding school director, we will provide a free 15 minute phone or online video consultation to support the development of your financial learning plan. (Annual subscription.)che

Tom Dunsmore

General Manager (ABSA)

Our duty of care for the 21,000 boarders in our schools includes a focus on financial life skills education. It is essential that we help boarding houses to develop the financial capability of boarders.


  • Can parents use this course with their kids?

    Of course. Parents may need to use it differently, more as an awareness raising piece. The advantage is that it gives a parent an excuse to have a financial conversation with their teenager.

  • Is this course bundled with others?

    Yes. We provide a bundle just for boarding settings, but also bundles that are general in nature. It is cheaper and better all round value to choose this course in a bundle. This is because you have even greater flexibility in designing your own program or choosing topics that meet your needs at any specific time.

  • My staff are not comfortable facilitating these types of courses. What is the solution?

    We have designed these courses, so any responsible adult can facilitate. We provide teaching points in our facilitator tips. We provide visual stimulus material i.e. posters to place around the boarding house, or home. As our courses are not based on mathematical calculations, but rather discussion and conversation, we find that boarding staff, perhaps in pairs, or teachers within the school can easily facilitate. We can also provide in-house training which is worthwhile if you take a long-term view.

  • Is this course for boarders to do themselves?

    No. This course is designed for a facilitator to guide discussion and activities with a group of boarders. We believe this is the best way to 'educate' teenagers.

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