Course curriculum

  1. 1
  2. 2
    • 1.1 Case Study: Hip Money

    • 1.2 Case Study: Moroku

    • 1.3 Case Study: Hugglebib

    • 1.4 Case Study: Serial Entrepreneur

    • 1.5 Case Study: Your Path to Health

    • 1.6 Case Study: Start Your Own Enterprise

    • 1.7 Case study: Ali Kitinas

    • 1.8 Case Study: Francesca

    • 1.9 Case Study: Pizzantica

    • 1.10 Case Study: B Box for Kids

  3. 3
    • 2.1 First steps: Street Entrepreneur

    • 2.2 Kids Who Made Millions!

    • 2.3 Celebrity Entrepreneurs

    • 2.4 Quick Bits

  4. 4
    • 3.1 Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship

  5. 5
    • 4.1 You the entrepreneur

    • 4.2 Sharing your entrepreneurial views and ventures

    • Conclusion

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Youth Entrepreneurs

Learning leads to success, not luck! 20+ stories of youth trying to find entrepreneurial success. Some succeed, others don't!


One resource, multiple pathways

Variety and flexibility

Jill (Business teacher)

Love this course. Lots of different types of entrepreneurs to discuss with my students. Lots of flexibility in relation to the activities. All the hard work done.

Aspirational but realistic

Mark (Life skills teacher)

I provide a life skills program. Too many entrepreneur courses just talk about the potential 'gold mine' and not about the real-world challenges. This course provides the necessary balance.

Global relevance

Katherine (Youth Entrepreneurs Hub)

I like the mix of entrepreneurs from the local to the global. I like that it includes stories of entrepreneurs who, despite their best efforts, didn't make a success of it. I also like that it points to the www. It shows that our kids, if motivated, can become self-learners and do some of the research themselves.


Wayne (Parent)

While my kids seem to have quite an entrepreneurial mindset, I want them to have a sense of reality. They need to hear about the struggles and challenges, not just the possible upside. This is a course that I can sit with my kids and discuss. The course provides me with a neutral starting point, but with lots of variety. Thanks.

The course

Just for you

  • Entrepreneurs in fintech, banking, baby clothing, teeth, wellbeing, social ventures, beauty, jewellery, food, ...

  • Case studies - 5 male, 5 female

  • e-Posters included with all case studies

  • Mixture of articles and also links to video from the web

  • Two youth celebrities, two mindsets, two approaches

  • Our reminder - entrepreneurs need financial life skills.

  • Kids who made millions

Entrepreneur Perspectives

Key message


We surround ourselves with smart people!

Financial sense


In the youth segment we are losing connection with cash; without a tangible sense of the value of money, we lose our financial sense.

The challenges are real!


Immediate challenges were fundraising to get enough capital to move our idea forward. Intellectual property considerations were also challenging.

Serial Entrepreneur


I’ve always been interested in business, and always had idea after idea; they did not always come to fruition, but the thought is always there.

Personal wellbeing


Running a small business is not for the faint of heart; there are challenges and setbacks to cope with, and long hours of work (especially in the early years).

Social entrepreneurship


Be gutsy!

My life


My business is my life – failure is not an option


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  • Is this course just relevant for school situations?

    Definitely not. Youth groups, financial service professionals helping the teenage children of clients, union representatives, university guilds, boarding coordinators and others who wish to support those young people wanting to learn more about entrepreneurship, could implement this course.

  • How could parents make use of this course?

    Many parents are in business. Many parents also have teens who want to be in business. This course gives parents of teens a course that they can support their teens with, giving them insights into entrepreneurship. This course is designed for the situation where a parent would periodically sit beside their teen, acting as a facilitator.

  • Could this be used as a self-education course?

    It is not designed that way. While the readings and video links create opportunities for self-learning, there are a lot of questions and activities associated with each piece of content. While some teens may be inclined to do the activities themselves, we believe many would not make that choice voluntarily. If teens were to do the course independently and then show a facilitator (parent, educator etc) their notes and responses, the course could be used that way.

  • Is there flexibility within the course?

    Facilitators may choose to do all topics or just one. They also have the choice of doing all, some or none of the activities within each course topic. We aim to give the facilitator as much choice as possible.