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    • 1.1: The Emerging Youth Debt Problem

    • 1.2: Parent Stories and Impact on Parents

    • 1.3: Resources to use and share at home

    • 1.4: Being proactive: Prevention better than cure!

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    • 2.1 Prior knowledge

    • 2.2 Potential implications and consequences

    • 2.3 Real stories

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    • Next steps

Looming debt catastrophe

There's a looming debt catastrophe for Australia's youth ...A mere click will instantly reveal "buy now pay later no credit check - interest free'. No credit checks! It is ensnaring millions of the most vulnerable among us - young people already struggling financially.

News reports

Is it fair to keep the next generation financially illiterate?

Drowning in debt

Sophie Elsworth

ONE in three young Australians age 16 and 25 have more than $2,500 credit card debt each month. So how do you stop it spiralling out of control? PARENTS play a pivotal role in helping their children get a grip on out-of-control spending habits.



... today’s young Australians are facing the very real possibility that they will be the first generation to be worse-off than their parents.

Generation Debt

Laine Gordon

New research.... shows Generation Y are credit crazy, and spending up big. The consumer study has revealed that Australians are now taking on debt earlier in life ...

Too much parent help!

Tess Brigham

Years of working with parents have shown that the one constant was folks telling me how stressed, frustrated and concerned they felt about their grown children needing too much financial help from them.

Young people facing debt tsunami

70% of young Australians are now concerned about their financial wellbeing. Compared to the general population, young Australians (18-34) were three times more likely to have taken on a loan from a payday lender or consumer lease in July and twice as likely to have taken out a personal loan just to make ends meet. Young people were the most likely group to have missed payments across every household bill and at a rate of 2-3 times the general population.

Bonus material

Some extras to help you prevent youth debt from emerging.

  • ePosters

    Six eposters to use at home, in your centre or school to remind youth of the importance of youth financial capability.

  • Links

    Links and information that will support your care for youth.

  • Teenfinca e-zine

    Free copy of a recent e-zine that develops youth financial capability.

The Growing Problem

Financial capability helps prevent youth debt!


Too many adults don't see the signs, don't hear the conversations and don't talk about money management with their teenagers

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All Youth Need To Learn About Debt

Take this opportunity to build knowledge, skills and awareness to better prepare the teenagers, students or youth in your care.


  • Who is this course for?

    This mini-course has been developed for parents, youth workers, teachers and other facilitators who have concerns about the financial capability and wellbeing of youth in their care. Through this course, we hope that facilitators can put in place preventative strategies to limit the potential of significant youth debt occurring.

  • What is in this mini-course?

    This is a mini-course. The content is outlined in the course overview above. It presents carefully selected information that gives facilitators, including parents, information they need to support and guide the youth in their care.

  • How long do I have to complete the course once registered?

    We provide a 60 day window from registration date.