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Piggy banks are long gone


The days of the piggy bank are looooong gone unfortunately. It is hard to find coins around the house anymore, so teaching kids to save visually is very difficult. Goals, especially saving goals are one way of making this work. This course helps us to continue the saving conversation at home. Thanks.

Good idea


Most of the kids in my care have never thought of financial goals. A sign of the times perhaps! This course is helpful because it is simple to facilitate either one-on-one or in a group. Look forward to using it with different groups of kids.

A good reminder


It's a good reminder. It is relatively easy to write financial goals, the hard part is the commitment. Courses like this help build understanding and commitment. The more we talk about it with youth, the more it may stick!

Short courses get the tick


It's nice to have a short course to do with teens where everything is ready to go. Just turn on the computer, login and off we go. Love it!

Collective action, collective impact

We all have a role to play in guiding youth financial learning

  • Parents

    Guide your child's financial learning. Don't leave it to chance and 'learning from mistakes'. You are in charge. You control the discussion. You dip in and out of this course and other courses to suit your family context.

  • Educators

    You guide the learning. You choose the topics and activities with student voice catered for. Dip in and out of courses, topics and activities to suit the needs of your students. You have total control.

  • Youth workers

    You are supported with facilitator tips and discussion points. All the preparation has been done for you. You just need to guide the conversation. NO expertise required, just keep each lesson moving. Choose topics from across our courses that meet the needs of the youth in your care.

The course

Details to know

  • No expertise required. There are no right and wrong answers.

  • We give facilitators discussion tips and sample responses. Students can also refer to them after doing the course.

  • Parents use this course to start financial conversations at home.

  • We keep activities reasonably short in the hope of maintaining engagement.

Bonus material

Extras to help you support the financial learning of the youth in your care.

  • ePosters

    Download a set of eposters to stimulate conversations and remind youth of the importance of financial goal setting.

  • Teenfinca e-zines

    Free copy of Teenfinca ezine, supporting youth financial capability development.

  • Video resources

    Link to The Wealth Academy's online video site, where your teenagers, students or young adult can listen to and learn financial learning and careers in finance.

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  • How long do I have to complete the course once registered?

    We provide 2 price points for different periods of time. If you have various groups of students you would like to do the course with, there is an extended price point of $120 (60 days). The $80 price point gives 20 days access.

  • Will the course be exactly the same each year?

    We intend to update and add lessons to each course regularly, giving you greater choice in how you use the course in a home, school, college or organisational setting. We understand that you may want to use the course each year with different sets of students.

  • Is this course also part of a bundle?

    You will need to checking our bundles as we intend to change the mix regularly or create new bundles as needed.

Pricing options

We provide different pricing options based on the type of entity purchasing the course and the time period required. If you prefer another pricing arrangement please contact us. If your school or entity cannot use a credit card to purchase this course, send us a purchase order and we will invoice you.